Special moments at The Masalawala with Satyen (left), and Roni (right).

“The man, the legend, The Masalawala,” writes Ben W. on Yelp, referring to Mr. Masalawala, the man behind the brand.

The Masalawala restaurant was established in 2011 by Roni Mazumdar to ensure that his father never feels old after his retirement. Roni’s goal was to help his father find his true purpose and a restaurant in NYC seemed like the most obvious choice. Why, you ask?

Growing up in Kolkata, India, food always played a central role in Roni’s household. Friends, family, and even complete strangers left the house overly stuffed because of his father’s love for entertaining guests – it was Indian hospitality at its’ very best.

Today, The MasalaWala restaurant feeds all of NYC and beyond, as Roni’s father, the master of spice himself, embraces everyone with open arms, treating the restaurant as an extension of his own home.

Thanks to our patrons, in just a couple of years, The MasalaWala has gone from a tiny, local, mom n’ pop shop to a name recognized by thousands across the world. And most importantly, Roni’s father, The Masalawala, feels younger than ever with his new found purpose; serving YOU an authentic taste of Indian cuisine and warm hospitality.